Past Results

2022     Confidential wrongful death settlement. Municipal liability.

2022     Confidential medical malpractice settlement

2022     $1,175,000 settlement for pedestrian, on video running against a “Do Not Walk” signal across four lanes of traffic, struck by a car.

2022    $925,000 settlement for pedestrian crossing mid-block and struck by backing car.

2022    $725,000 settlement for construction worker, injured when sheetrock cart he pushed tipped over.

2021     $2,000,000 settlement for motorcyclist involved in rush hour collision with a car.  The police found the motorcyclist to be at fault for unsafe lane changing, serving him with two citations.  Working with an expert biomechanic and accident reconstructionist, and locating witnesses through a lengthy investigation, we were able to demonstrate that critical facts had been overlooked by the police, demonstrating our client was free of negligence and had been struck from behind.

2020     $1,500,000 settlement of wrongful death action for construction worker, with blood alcohol level of .19, killed in fall. Secured summary judgment for estate against property owner and general contractor.

2020     Confidential settlement. Pedestrian struck and injured by car.

2018     Confidential wrongful death settlement.  Medical malpractice.

2018     Confidential medical malpractice settlement.

2018     $490,000 for pedestrian who injured himself on ice on public street converted to pedestrian walkway.

2017     Confidential settlement.  Pedestrians struck and injured by car.

2017     $2,750,000 settlement against a hospital for failure to timely diagnose and treat compartment syndrome in a victim of a hit and run.